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NewsEmerald CityAncient spellbook acquisition raises security concerns

Ancient spellbook acquisition raises security concerns

(EMERALD CITY) A rare collection of ancient spellbooks has been added to the Royal Ozian Library.

The books were discovered several weeks ago by archeologists working in the White Mountains of eastern Munchkin Country.

Librarians say the books appear to be hundreds of years old and are likely to offer insight into the diverse magical practices across The Realm and over time.

Collection Curator Mythica Mystica says scholars already are trying to de-code the intricate symbols covering the outside of the books because they may reveal long-lost spells.

“These books are a priceless contribution to the Magical Archives and will be studied for years to come. They could be the key to deciphering spells we’ve been puzzled by for generations,” Mystica told OPR.

The Council of Wizards says it is concerned about magical and national security because the nature of the spells is still a mystery.

“We need to find out if The Ancients buried these books intentionally. Were our ancestors protecting Oz by hiding the texts and keeping dangerous spells out of the public domain?” asked Council of Wizards Chairperson Aurelia Shadlebum. “Or are these just recipes for harmless potions?”

A Library spokesperson says the spellbooks will be put on public display but will not be available for check-out.

The Palace issued a statement applauding The Library’s efforts to preserve and promote magical education and research, while also offering a reminder that most magic remains banned across Oz.


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