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Snowstorm Paralyzes Glikkus and Forest

Travelers Face Major Delays as Crews Battle Heavy Snowfall

(UPTOWN, GILLIKIN COUNTRY) Heavy snow is causing significant travel delays through the northern Glikkus Mountains and the Follensby Forest. Up to six inches of snow have fallen in the higher elevations, creating hazardous conditions for travelers.

OzMet says more snow is possible and a Winter Storm Warning remains in effect. Prognosticationists believe the storm should move out of the area by early tomorrow morning.

Crews are working around the clock to clear the roads, using plows, salt, and limited magic to melt the ice and snow.

“We’re doing everything we can to get the roads back to normal,” said OzDOT spokesperson Lira Windham. “But with this amount of snow, it’s going to take some time. We recommend that travelers fly over the area or avoid it entirely until the cleanup is complete.”

Many travelers are heeding the warning, with local airports reporting increased bookings. “It’s just not worth the risk,” said traveler Mark Willow, who chose to delay his trip. “The roads are too dangerous right now.”

The Follensby Forest, usually bustling with tourists this time of year, is eerily quiet as the snow continues to fall. Local businesses are feeling the impact, with many closing their doors until the weather improves.

“We’ve never seen snow like this,” said Tessa Greenleaf, owner of the Forest Café. “It’s beautiful, but it’s also very disruptive. We’re just hoping things get back to normal soon.”

Restoration could take several days, and OzDOT urges patience as crews work to make the area safe for travel once again. For now, authorities recommend avoiding the area and delaying excursions.



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