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Welcome to Q93.9 WZMQ, the shining beacon of public radio in our beloved Oz. Our mission is simple yet noble: to serve the Realm with the highest-quality news and entertainment, and to uphold the Ozrrific values of integrity, honesty, and compassion.

As the flagship station of Oz Public Radio, we pledge to deliver timely, accurate information that empowers listeners and enrichifies their lives. From breaking news to in-depth analysis, from insightful interviews to inspiring stories, we are here to inform, educate, and entertain.

We are a community of listener members who share a passion for learning, exploring, and connectifying. We value your feedback, your ideas, and your support, and we are committed to serving your needs and interests.

We are dedicated to HRH Princess Ozma, who inspires us to be our best selves and to serve the Kingdom with compassion and devotion. We are honored to be part of her Vision for a just, peaceful, and prosperous Oz, and we strive to reflect her values in everything we do.

Join us. Let’s explore the wonders of Oz, celebrate its diversity and beauty, and work together to create a brighter future for all.

We are Q93.9 WZMQ, Oz Public Radio, The Voice of the People.


Providing news and entertainment across the Realm and surrounding lands,
Oz Public Radio. The Voice of the People.

Q93.9 WZMQ provides 24-hour programming to energize your day, brighten your night, and keep you informed.

OPR News covers the Kingdom and surrounding lands with accurate, independent, locally-produced coverage.

Everywhere. Every Day.
WZMQ Weather helps you plan ahead for Oz’s everchanging atmospheric phenomena.

WZMQ’s SkyView Traffic keeps your commute running smoothly in The Central City and throughout Oz with up-to-the-minute updates.

WZMQ Music all day with the best of the 80s, 90s, and today’s biggest hits. Find your new favorites and enjoy some vintage beats.

WZMQ Community serves the Realm with integrity and compassion, working to make the land a better place for all.

“Oz Public Radio is more than just a source of information. It is a community lifeline. Join me to support Q93.9 WZMQ, The Voice of the People, so that it may echo throughout our fair city and beyond. Together, we can build a better world for ourselves and generations to come.”

HRH Princess Ozma

Benevolent Ruler of Oz


Q93.9 WZMQ and OPR are audio services of Oz Public Media.

WZMQ Q93.9 Logo

Liam Davis

Charlie Ellis

Carter Hadley

Patrick Heath

Luke McKenna

Jamie Rochester

Diana Waltham


OPR News Logo

Charlotte Bradford
Chief National Correspondent

Colin Longman
National Correspondent, Outlands 

Eleanore Shepherd
Correspondent, Palace & Politics

Blake Davis
Correspondent, Science & Education

Quill Lee
Correspondent, Society & Social Issues

Oliver Hampton
Correspondent, Magical Affairs

Dara Zavala
Correspondent, Transportation 

Skylar Lawson
Correspondent, Agriculture

Noah Baughman
Correspondent, Economics & Development

Bradley Verano
Reporter, National Desk

Owen Navarro
Reporter, National Desk

Maya Ximenez
Reporter, National Desk

Henry Ingleton
Reporter, National Desk

Will Oswald
Bureau Chief, Munchkin Country

Poppy Rutherford
Bureau Chief, Gillikin Country

Alex Parker
Bureau Chief, Quadling Country

Rosalind Ormskirk
Bureau Chief, Winkie Country

Benedict Winslow
Atmospheric Prognosticationist

Gia Pembroke
Traffic Specialist

Oz Public Radio Logo

Simon Warrington
Underwriting Announcer

Daniel Wickett
Underwriting Announcer

Miles Chen

Ada Bishop


Oz Public Media Logo

Rupert Holcombe
President & General Manager

Rebecca Poole
Membership & Development Director

Bruce Kelly
Audio Programming Director & Production Announcer

Diana Parvaz
Digital Programming Director

Peter Woods
IT Director

Amanda Littlefield

Terrence Mak

Oz Public Radio Logo 3

Providing news and entertainment across Oz,
Q93.9 WZMQ is The Voice of the People.

OPR News from Oz Public Radio is the leading news organization in Oz, founded with a mission to provide fair and accurate coverage of events happening across the Realm. The network’s reporters and anchors travel to all corners of Oz, from the bustling Emerald City to the remotest areas of Munchkin, Winkie, Quadling, and Gilliken Countries and beyond.

The OPR News team takes great pride in its commitment to accuracy and fairness, understanding that our audience relies on us to provide reliable information. We work tirelessly to ensure that every report is thoroughly researched and fact-checked. Dedication to getting the facts right is what sets OPR apart from other news organizations.

OPR News is dedicated to excellence. We understand that our work has a profound impact on the magical communities we serve, and we take that responsibility very seriously. HRH Princess Ozma expects nothing less than the best.

OPR News from Oz Public Radio is committed to serving all of Oz. Whether reporting on the latest political developments in the Emerald City or the heartwarming stories of everyday Ozians, OPR News is always there with accurate, fair, and comprehensive coverage of events across our extraordinary world.