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Precision Prognostications for Planning Perfection in Oz

Oz enjoys a remarkably diverse range of weather conditions from the steamy summers in Quadling Country to the snowy mountains in Gillikin Country. Gleaming sunshine creates the dazzling, glittering spectacle of our incredible Emerald City. But gentle breezes in Winkie Country can quickly turn stormy as they race toward Munchkin Country. There’s even the occasional cyclone. WZMQ Weather is here to help you navigate the eccentricities of Oz’s atmospheric phenomena.

The WZMQ Prognostication Team is Royally recognized for their accuracy predicting the wide range of weather conditions across The Realm. The team, under the guidance of Lead Prognosticationist Benedict Winslow, excels at providing reliable, detailed forecasts to help you prepare and plan your day.

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Emerald City Forecast

WZMQ Emerald City Forecast including the Central City and surrounding plains, Quad Lake, Bottle Hill, and Valynn.

Gillikin Country Lowland Forecast

WZMQ Gillikin Country Lowland Forecast including Shiz, Ozwoz, Skeezer Lake, Pristinia, and Regalia.

Gillikin Country Mountain Forecast

WZMQ Gillikin Country Mountain Forecast including Yoop Castle and The Glikkus.

Land of Ev Forecast

WZMQ Ev Forecast including Evna, Wheeler Territory, Rinkitink, and the Rose Kingdom.

Munchkin Country Forecast

WZMQ Munchkin Country Forecast including Wogglebug College, Center Munch, the Blue Forest, and the Gale Farm.

Quadling Country Forecast

WZMQ Quadling Country Forecast including the Great Swamp, Bunbury, Hammerhead Territory, and Glinda's Castle.

Surrounding Deserts Forecast

WZMQ Surrounding Deserts Forecast including Impassable Desert, Shifting Sands, Deadly Desert, and Great Sandy Waste.

Underground Domains Forecast

WZMQ Underground Domains Forecast including Nome Dominions, Fire Island, and Down Town.
Benedict Winslow

Benedict Winslow

WZMQ Atmospheric Prognosticationist

Benedict Winslow holds a degree in Atmospheric Science and gained meteorological expertise as a weather researcher at the Royal Weather Center. Rising through the ranks to become the Lead Forecaster to The Palace, his accurate predictions and clear communication style caught the attention of Oz Public Radio. Benedict thrives using cutting-edge forecasting tools. With more than two decades of experience, he is a trusted figure in prognostication combining expertise and charisma to engage audiences on WZMQ.

Beyond his professional achievements, Benedict is recognized for his commitment to community outreach, regularly engaging with local schools to educate students about the weather and forecasting.