Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Queen of Ev and Children Reported Missing

BREAKING: Ev Police are searching for the Queen and the Heir to the throne who are missing after going on vacation.

Flatheads Attack Skeezers, Dome Holding

BREAKING: Skeezers are resisting an early-morning attack by Flatheads on the domed city.


Ancient spellbook acquisition raises security concerns

Ancient spellbooks recently uncovered in the White Mountains have been added to the Royal Library but are raising concerns about safety and national security.

Reconstruction Begins on EC Main Gate, Expect Delays

The Emerald City's Main Gate is being renovated and upgraded with new security technology. Delays and detours are likely.


Flying Monkeys being trained as aerial firefighters

In a new program, Flying Monkeys are being trained as aerial firefighters.

New Rail Line Proposed for Winkie Country

A new rail line will connect western Winkie Country, including the tin mines, to the Emerald City.

Striking Nomes Demand Concessions from King

Negotiations between the Nome Guild and the King are expected to produce a proposal in hopes of avoiding a strike.