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NewsNew Rail Line Proposed for Winkie Country

New Rail Line Proposed for Winkie Country

(TIN CASTLE) Construction has begun on a new rail line that will connect western portions of Winkie Country, including the tin mines, to the Emerald City.

Trains run regularly from the Tin Castle and Mount Much to The Emerald City but, for years, Central and Western Winkie Country have felt left out.

The new Yellow Line will add those connections and reportedly cut the travel time to the central platforms by a third.

“Getting our products from Winkie County to the rest of Oz even faster will give the local economy a serious boost. We expect at least an eight-percent rise in returns for minerals and fresh produce,” said the regional governor during the groundbreaking ceremony.

The new line will begin at the Tin Castle and run to Herku and Ugu before turning north to Sun Top Mountain.

Newly-designed carriages will carry both freight and passengers.

Fares have not yet been announced.

“We don’t get to The City very often because it’s such a long haul. But this will make it so much easier!,” said Ugu resident Frieda Balentine. “We’re looking forward to seeing some shows and visiting friends!”

Final budgeting for the project is awaiting The Crown’s signature.



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