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NewsWicked Witch Wins Gardening Prize

Wicked Witch Wins Gardening Prize

Elphaba Thropp wins top prize in magical horticulture competition.

(TIN CASTLE) The Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba Thropp, in a surprise win, takes home the top prize in this year’s magical horticulture competition.

Judges, to their own amazement, said The Witch’s entry in the annual Enchanted Gardens Show, showcased her talent for cultivating unique and enchanted plants. The attending crowd was stunned as Thropp, known across The Realm for her menacing demeanor and illegal use of dark magic, was awarded the Grand Prize at the annual Enchanted Gardens Show Gala last night.

The competition, held each year at the Tin Castle in the heart of the Winkie Country, featured contestants from across The Realm, including fairies, elves, Munchkins, giants, nomes, Winkie farmers, and an occasional Wizard. Judges were amazed by the Witch’s display of extraordinary flora, which included singing sunflowers, levitating lilies, and a rare species of moonlit mushrooms that glowed with an otherworldly light.

Lead Judge, Professor Flitwick, nearly choking on his words, praised The Witch’s entry. “Her garden was a marvel of magical horticulture. The plants were not only beautiful but exhibited a level of enchantment that we have never seen before,” he said.

Artist rendering of Thropp's secretive enchanted garden near Kiamo Ko in Winkie Country.
Artist rendering of Thropp’s secretive enchanted garden near Kiamo Ko in Winkie Country.

The Witch, who in recent years has shunned public appearances, accepted the prize with a rare smirk and a subtle cackle. “People often misunderstand me,” she said in her very brief acceptance speech. “But my garden is a testament to the beauty that can come from anywhere in Oz.”

This victory has sparked a new interest in Thropp’s horticultural practices, with many aspiring horticulturalists eager to learn her highly-guarded, secret techniques. In another public surprise, the competition’s organizers announced they plan to invite The Witch to be a guest lecturer for next year’s event.



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