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CommunityWeekly Afternoon Tea

Weekly Afternoon Tea

Tuesdays, 3pm, Royal Gardens, Emerald City

You’re invited to join the discussion every week featuring current events around The Realm, interviews with interesting guests, and lively debates. Hosted by your favorite OPR personalities, we’ll chat about what’s important to you and what we can all do to make Oz and even more magical place to live, work, and play.

Seating is limited. Reserve your seat early.

Have an idea for a panel, discussion, or interview guest? Drop us a line with your suggestion!

Q93.9 WZMQ, The Voice of the People.


Munchkin Country Forecast

WZMQ Munchkin Country Forecast including Wogglebug College, Center Munch, the Blue Forest, and the Gale Farm.

Gillikin Country Lowland Forecast

WZMQ Gillikin Country Lowland Forecast including Shiz, Ozwoz, Skeezer Lake, Pristinia, and Regalia.

Gillikin Country Mountain Forecast

WZMQ Gillikin Country Mountain Forecast including Yoop Castle and The Glikkus.