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The Gump Radio Hour

Since its inception, The Gump has presented countless tales woven live and without scripts.

Gump shows are celebrated for the vast diversity of experiences from the across the Land of Oz and the Emerald City. Each episode presents a theme, and our storytellers dive into it, often leading down surprising paths. We ask that every story is authentic to the presenter’s experience.

The Gump is part historical record and part theatre, creating a distinctive, intimate, and frequently enlightening encounter for listeners.

The Gump was established by HRH Princess Ozma, who hoped to recreate in heart of the Emerald City the ambiance of magical evenings in the remotest parts of Oz, where citizens and enchanted creatures alike were drawn to the glow of the campfire. The Princess and her companions would gather to share mesmerizing tales of adventure and personal reflection, each learning as much about themselves as each other.

The inaugural Gump event took place in Ozma’s palace, in the Emerald City, and the storytelling gatherings swiftly expanded to local venues throughout the enchanted realm.


Munchkin Country Forecast

WZMQ Munchkin Country Forecast including Wogglebug College, Center Munch, the Blue Forest, and the Gale Farm.

Gillikin Country Lowland Forecast

WZMQ Gillikin Country Lowland Forecast including Shiz, Ozwoz, Skeezer Lake, Pristinia, and Regalia.

Gillikin Country Mountain Forecast

WZMQ Gillikin Country Mountain Forecast including Yoop Castle and The Glikkus.