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Breaking NewsTemporal Portal Disrupts OzRail Services

Temporal Portal Disrupts OzRail Services

Portal causing chaos, randomly transporting people to various locations.

(BREAKING – SHIZ) An illegal temporal portal is causing chaos in Gillikin Country, randomly transporting people to destinations throughout Oz. Detectives from Quadling Yard are urgently investigating the portal, which some fear could become interdimensional.

The portal first appeared near a busy OzRail station near Shiz, leading to an incident on the northbound Purple Line where passengers began disappearing mid-journey. “One moment the carriage was full, and the next it was almost empty,” recounted Munchkin commuter Mertha Smithammer. “It was terrifying.”

OzRail officials have responded by recommending that all travelers avoid Purple Line trains until further notice. “Our primary concern is the safety of our passengers,” stated OzRail spokesperson Barty Jackson. “We are cooperating fully with Quadling Yard to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.”

There are also reports of the portal transporting individuals to unexpected locations, including the Emerald City and remote portions of Winkie Country. “We have no control over where or when it will transport someone,” said Chief Investigator Thomas Brownwick. “This is a highly volatile and very dangerous situation.”

Authorities are urging all residents to stay alert and report any suspicious activity related to the portal.

More updates will follow as the investigation progresses.



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