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NewsEmerald CityPolice Hunt Thieves Stealing Memory-Wiping Water

Police Hunt Thieves Stealing Memory-Wiping Water

Authorities fear water stolen from the Fountain of Oblivion could be used against unsuspecting citizens.

(EMERALD CITY) Emerald City Police are urgently seeking thieves who are stealing water from the Palace’s Fountain of Oblivion. This magical water has the power to wipe out all memories, leaving victims with the minds of newborns.

The use of this water has been banned since the Nome Attack more than a decade ago. During that conflict, the water was employed to stymie the invading armies from The Underground and elsewhere who were tunneling into The City. Authorities are deeply concerned about the potential misuse of the stolen water.

“Given the nature of this water, it could have devastating effects if administered to unsuspecting individuals,” said Chief Inspector Tavia Green of the Emerald City Police. “We urge anyone with information regarding these thefts to come forward immediately.”

The police are asking anyone with knowledge of the thefts to contact Quadling Yard without delay. In the meantime, security around the palace has been significantly increased to prevent further incidents.

Residents of Emerald City are advised to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities near the palace grounds. The safety and well-being of the community remain the top priority as authorities work to find the thieves and resolve the situation.



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