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NewsEmerald CityReconstruction Begins on EC Main Gate, Expect Delays

Reconstruction Begins on EC Main Gate, Expect Delays

(EMERALD CITY) After centuries of constant use, the Emerald City’s iconic main gate is being renovated.

Delays are a concern but The Palace says cost is no object because the gate is a treasured landmark but updated safety and security systems are vital.

“The main gate is an important part of the Emerald City as a physical barrier and an emotional touchstone,” said a Palace spokeserson. “We want to make sure it’s in good condition. We’re taking this opportunity to upgrade it with new technology to make sure The City and its citizens are protected.”

Gems and bricks are being salvaged for reuse.

Part of the nearby wall also will need reconstruction.

The Palace says the job will be completed as quickly as possible, but engineers say the gate’s age is slowing the process. 

“As we dig into the foundation, we’re finding even more that needs to be repaired,” an engineer told OPR. “We’re trying to be as efficient as possible. But this is ancient, artisanal work. It takes time.”

The Palace assures citizens that the job will be completed as quickly as possible, but won’t provide a target date.

OzDOT says occasional detours will be necessary during the reconstruction.



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