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NewsFlying Monkeys being trained as aerial firefighters

Flying Monkeys being trained as aerial firefighters

(EMERALD CITY) The Royal Fire Brigade is training Flying Monkeys with aerial-firefighting techniques to battle wildfires.

The Crown says the Monkeys’ unique perspective is a huge advantage for saving local habitats from flames.

They’re learning how to carry water and magical solutions and drop them on open flames.

The Royal Fire Brigade says Flying Monkeys have an intimate knowledge of the terrain and they can get to a fire much faster than ground-based crews.

With an increased risk of forest fires and wildfires, The Crown is looking for innovative ways to protect the realm’s diverse ecosystems.

“We believe that their unique abilities can be a game-changer in our efforts to preserve the natural beauty of Oz and protect it from the devastating effects of forest fires,” said Brigade Chief Harold Mazerton.

The Brigade says the unconventional approach is working and hundreds of acres already have been saved.



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