Flatheads Attack Skeezers, Dome Holding

OPR News Breaking News
OPR News Breaking News

(OZWOZ) Sources in Northeast Gillikin Country report a Flathead attack on the domed city of Skeezers.

Residents have retreated into the city’s magic bubble and say they plan to resist.

Tensions are high as Skeezers hunker down inside the protective bubble, determined to stand their ground after the early-morning Flathead attack.

The latest reports suggest the Magic Lake around the city is holding back most of the assault and the Queen is hopeful that the city will not have to be fully re-submerged.

“We have faced adversity before and emerged victorious,” Queen Coo-ee-oh tells OPR. “Let our determination be our strength in these trying times.”

A delegation from the Emerald City, including Princess Ozma, is trying to negotiate between the two sides, but so far, has not been able to find a peaceful resolution.

Sources say the Flathead leader, whom they call The Supreme Dictator, walked away from the talks and is refusing to acknowledge the Princess’ royal authority.

A new round of negotiations has yet to be scheduled.

Queen Coo-ee-oh says re-submerging the Skeezer City, even for protection, could have long-lasting economic impacts for the entire region.

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